art with walaa

about the artist

Walaa Waeda is an abstract artist living in Columbus, OH. She Graduated from the Ohio State University with a Bachelors of Arts with a focus in painting and drawing. She is also obtaining her Masters in Business Administration from Capital University in Columbus, OH. 

Walaa Waeda's abstract approach is natural and free flowing "I see my paintings as an unfinished list of elements: objects, drawings, paintings, mediums, and other creations.  They are improvisational creations that I combine, allowing the constructed and ready-made to join and make sense of the world around me. There may not always be material similarities between the different projects, but there are certain constants: my projects are linked by emotions and subject matter. The subject matter of each piece determines the materials and the forms of the work." Walaa

Artist Statement 

My artwork takes a critical view of personal, social, and cultural issues. Growing up in a Syrian immigrant home made me understand these issues within the boundaries of art. Living through poverty, war, beautiful nature, and meeting amazing people taught me to appreciate and understand many things about art that I would have never experienced on my own.

My culture plays a big part in my painting. As an American Syrian woman that grew up in America, I feel like I overlooked some of the beautiful culture my parents, and grandparents lived in. I started adapting and incorporating the rich Syrian culture I knew through others into my painting by researching Architecture, calligraphy, and traditions.

 I am also interested in conveying personal experiences into my artwork as well as personal thoughts and emotions of a culture that I am a part of, but far away from at the same time. I am also interested in my personal aesthetic, the way it affected my life in profoundly important ways. The way it influenced how I must act, how it satisfies me, and how I should treat others.

My style tends to lean more to abstraction and non-objective art. I enjoy a feeling of freedom with the flexibility that it gives me, especially when painting with mixed media such as chocolate, coffee, make-up, and food coloring (in addition to the more traditional mediums such as watercolor, oil paint, etc). I am also interested in foreign objects and how it reacts when adding paint and different mediums to it.  Abstraction gives me the feeling of a departure from reality in interpretation of imagery in the paintings.

Art to me is a process. How I start the process and how I engage in the process is what I am interested in. What goes into the process? I am interested in how these elements coexist within the painting, and the process it takes to combine them. I am also interested in revitalizing my cultural aspects into my painting.
I enjoy communicating my connection to the Syrian culture, and what it means to me aesthetically through my art. Articulating my emotions, roots, and culture abstractly into my paintings is interesting and challenging to me. I want to find out more about who I am by discovering those elements through my art, and knowing that life is a process, paint is a process and discovery is a process.